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Riga, Latvia – May 12, 2020 Forta PRO team members have long-term working experience in healthcare, including design, medical project management and modular clinic production. We are constantly following new trends in medical technologies and hospital construction. In recent years, we have seen a steady tendency in leading world countries with a reduction in the number of hospital beds due to the expansion of outpatient procedures and the introduction of endoscopic diagnostic and surgeries. Hospitals become more functional with a focus on ambulatory care.

The construction of the new hospitals is a long process, taking 5 years or even more, since it’s affected by tender procedures, design and stages of approvals. During this period, many changes in society and technology can occur, and by the end of construction, in some cases, the clinic already needs to be expanded. Additionally, even in a predictable and planned world, new needs arise. For example, during construction or renovation works, the emergence of new procedures and methods. Especially world crisis time, when all countries are faced with a special call during the COVID-19 epidemic, when the need in ICU care is increased several times. In such cases, the hospital facility requires expansion, in order to quickly respond to new challenges, without disruption to the hospital daily routine.

As a leading modular manufacturer, we witness a growing interest in modular, stand-alone solutions for intensive care units, including the infection profile, operating rooms, radiology departments, nuclear medicine clinics and more.

In such cases, modular construction can become the ultimate solution for fast expansions. Our modular solutions ensure, and we see that as a crucial factor, high quality of medical care, modern requirements, even if the subject is a temporary building for 5-10 years, that will be relocated in the future to another facility or location.

In a recent online discussion with healthcare professionals we conducted, an interesting fact regarding free-standing patient units and ICU was raised - the stand-alone modular infectiology departments, built for the COVID-19, are a flexible solution which can be used for quick future crisis management. In periods with decreased patient flow, these premises can be used for rehabilitation, employees or family members hotel or other uses. If necessary, it can quickly be converted to serve as ICU with minimal time and costs.

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