• Forta PRO

Modular solutions can quickly and safely address healthcare needs.

The healthcare sector regularly meets new challenges and must swiftly and flexibly respond to new trends, diseases and patient’s needs. As a leading modular construction company, Forta PRO is able to quickly and quality solve current problems.

We recognize the importance of this and ready to share our own experience in production and timely fast installation of the modular healthcare facilities.

Forta PRO offers various model solutions for healthcare, in particular Isolation patient rooms and Intensive Care Units (ICU), for patients who require high levels of medical care and complex treatment.

The prefabricated solution dimensions, layouts and architectural design can be easily customized to address the clients’ specific needs.

Modular rooms are completed in the factory. All electrical, ventilation and medical gas systems are pre-installed and tested. The prefabricated modules can easily be installed in existing hospital territory with minimal interference to the daily routines.

Forta PRO experience involves planning, designing, construction and equipment supply to healthcare facilities with special attention to the specific clinical needs.

Please contact us to further discuss healthcare modular solutions.


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